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Cenon CAM 5.0
Rottenburg, 2020-08-02

  The release 5.0 of Cenon CAM is our biggest Upgrade so far, boasting dozens of breathtaking new features. Additionally, many good ideas were picked up to make Cenon even more comfortable, intuitive, and quicker.

This major release offers so many new features, that we can only introduce a selection in this place. However, despite hundreds of new features and details, we always take huge efforts to stay with accustomed defaults, ease-of-use, and keep everything in working order.
You can order this major Upgrade of Cenon to version 5.0 directly from your distributor.
Here are the most important novelties:


The new Composite Window combines the Document + Editing Tools + Inspector + CAM-Panel + Panels in a single window. Here you find everything you need in one place, well arranged around your document.
The Composite Window is not forced upon you - you can even just use it for certain projects, while other projects use the accustomed separate panels.


Not all machines provide an unobstructed view of the tool. With the Camera-Positioning you can position the machine with the help of a camera mounted to the machine.
This feature is available as an option. Owners of the Camera+Targeting feature have it included.


The CAM-Panel of Cenon now includes a Machine-View (fold-out), which allows you to move the machine directly to the position of your mouse-click.
You can also manage Vacuum Tables and Stoppers in the same view.

Carving of raised objects (V-Carve)

To achieve a nice 3D appearance, Cenon now supports carving of raised paths. You can apply this feature to create text or signs with an improved 3D-look. In the past, the Pick-Out feature was only available for engraving - now this carving-feature can be generally applied, for example in sign-making.

Cenon Control for iPad

The new Cenon Control App for iPad has a dedicated news page, where you can find everything about our new IOS App. Starting with Cenon version 5.0 you can control your machine via an iPad from any location around your machine.

Start, Pause, Continue, Stop

Everyone knows these buttons from Audio- and Video-devices. Now, the output to machine is even more intuitive by applying these well known symbols. The new user-experience also eliminates the need for an alert box, when pausing the output.

Fast Bridges (Webs)

We optimized the underlying algorithms and were able to increase the output speed of bridges (webs) considerably.
Additionally, we added a new sine-mode for bridges (webs), which allows for even faster output by gradually lifting the Z axis without the need to reduce the feed.

Multi-Head Option

To comfortably support multiple tool heads (for example a spindle plus a tangential knife), Cenon now supports multiple tool offsets and other requirements.

Tool-Parameters for Layers

With Cenon, tools from a magazine are assigned to a layer, and the tool parameters are all managed in the Tool-Magazine. This is straight-forward and an essential part of the ease-of-use.
Now, if you wish, you can modify tool-parameters like feed or revolution (of the assigned tool) for each layer. This greatly improves the flexibility. We found an intuitive way to implement this flexibility without adding workload to the user, or overloading the user-interface.
The new feature also allows re-generating a tool from a layer into the tool-magazine.

Separate Smoothing-Layer

So far, smoothing in Cenon can be managed for each layer, leaving a few situations, where this lacks flexibility.
Now, if you wish, you can add a dedicated Smoothing-Layer to overcome these short-comings, for example applying a separate smoothing tool, step-wise smoothing, approach-angle, etc.

NC-Data Import

The new NC-Data (G-Code) Import builds up on the existing import of drill data. One application of the NC-Data import is to review NC-data exported from Cenon. The import currently doesn't allow to use Cenon as CNC-Terminal to actually output NC-Data (as is) to the machine.

Completely revised User Interface

We overhauled all panels, improved the arrangement of control elements; we added pre-defined document sizes to the working area panel (A4, A3, letter, ..., Custom), a default can be stored. New menu items like "Open Recent"; "Order Back" of windows, ...; Passive Layers are easier to identify. The order to process (output) layers can be reversed, ...

What's new in Version 5.0 ?

  • Composite-Window: combines Document + Editing Tools + Inspector + CAM-Panel + Panels
  • CAM-Panel: Estimated and true output times of a job are displayed in the CAM-Panel
  • CAM-Panel: Vertical Tabs (instead of horicontal)
  • Machine-Control: Start/Continue, Pause/Stop buttons (no alert box needed)
  • Machine-Control: Support of a safety-Laser-Scanner for machines without a housing
  • Machine-Control: Output repetition controlled by an external trigger (switch)
  • Machine-Control: Camera-Panel integrated into the CAM-Panel,
    Camera image rotation in 90° steps,
    support for a camera light.
  • Machine-Control: Machine-View for Positioning, Vacuum-Table Matrix, Stoppers, ...
  • Cenon Control for iPad
  • Layer-Management: Layers containing selected graphics are marked with a dot
  • Layer-Management: Layers containing modified tool parameters are marked with an asterisk
  • Layer-Management: the order to process (output) layers can be reversed
  • Layer-Management: tool parameters can be set for layers
  • Tool-Magazine: copy tools, locking of tool positions
  • Fast Bridges (Webs)
  • Carving of raised objects (V-Carve)
  • Multi-Head Option
  • Import: Improvement of Imports: DXF, SVG, NC-Data, ...
  • Revised User-Interface: Arrangement of control elements; New menu items like "Open Recent; Order Back, ..."
  • Working-Area: List of standard formats (A4, A3, Letter, ...)
  • Log-Panel with the Console messages of Cenon
  • Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave) and 10.15, as well as Dark Mode
  • and much more
The complete list of changes are found in the Change-Log 5.0

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List of Images:
Composite-Window [189KB]
Camera-Positioning [262KB]
Machine-View [13KB]
Carving [168KB]
CAM-Panel: Tabs, Start/Stop [89KB]
Dark-Mode + NC-Import [920KB]
Cenon Control for iPad [217KB]




Carving of raised paths (V-Carve)

Cenon Control for iPad

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