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Announcement of Name Change
Rottenburg, 2014-08-02

vhf interservice GmbH is now Cenon GmbH.

We are proud to announce that as of July, 2014 we are changing our company name from vhf interservice GmbH to Cenon GmbH.

With this new name we aim to reflect our focus on our expanding vector- and manufacturing Software Cenon. The new name may also be more inviting for machine manufacturers to decide for our state of the art manufacturing Software, which runs on modern Apple computers.

The company will continue to operate in its current structure and your contacts will remain un-changed. At the same time we will change all our e-mail addresses to info@Cenon.com or firstName.lastName@Cenon.com. The old e-mail addresses will continue to be operational for the foreseeable future. Our new web domain will be www.Cenon.de or www.Cenon.company (English entry). And our new headquarter will be in Rottenburg.

The company history:

1996 Formation of vhf interservice with the focus on Internet
1998 the field of software (Cenon, Fonts) is transferred from vhf computer to vhf interservice
2014 change of name to Cenon GmbH

Our Web Sites:

cenon.de Cenon Company, German Language
cenon.company   Cenon Company, English Language
cenon.com Cenon CAM - Manufacturing with style
cenon.info Cenon - Graphics Software

Our new Cenon logo that reflect the new times:


Cenon GmbH
Schwabstr. 45
72108 Rottenburg a.N., Germany

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