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Cenon CAM is introducing itself...
Ammerbuch, 2009-08-20
The universal design- and manufacturing software Cenon CAM is introducing itself in a dedicated brochure...

The brochure displays the product and many of its applications in a pleasing form. On 16 pages the reader gets an overview in word and deed of the abilities and applications in many different areas. The palette of displayed applications reaches from Electronics, Engraving, Wood-Working, Model-Making, Industry, to Sign-Making. All photos show real examples and were kindly provided by Cenon users.
The booklet is available in English and German and is offered as PDF file or in printed form in the handy format of 15x15 cm.

The complete design of this brochure has been done with Cenon on Apple Mac OS-X and demonstrates vividly the layout capabilities of Cenon.

The PDF version of the brochure is available for download from the Internet:
Cenon CAM Brochure [6 MB]

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